When the Turnpike was diverted in 1834 to run down Polhill rather than take the original route through Knockholt Village, one of the consequences was to cut off the access to the turnpike from Chevening House. This necessitated the provision of a branch road to provide a connection to the new route from the house and estate. This opened in 1835.

The map below shows the full extent of the diversion. The map on the right shows the new branch road, coloured red, to give access to the new turnpike from the estate.

The new branch is now part of the A224 main road leading from the bottom of Pollhill toward the new roundabout, after which it turns left to cross the M25.  However ironically the original entrance road to the estate that caused it to be constructed is no longer a paved road.

The 1835 branch is shown in the photographs above, and leads from the bottom of Polhill to this roundabout, coming in from the right.

Continuing straight across the roundabout, the road heads toward Chevening, parallel with the M25.  After a short while it bends to the left. The old entrance starts alongside the cottages shown in the photo above. It extends for about on mile and emerges behind the churchyard of St. Botulph's church in Chevening.

The two photos below show the start and end of the original access road. See also the Google Map view below, click for an interactive enlargement.

Chevening Church, where the access road ends,  is opposite the boundary wall to the Chevening estate, which now contains private housing as well as the main house.



Chevening House

Chevening House is a 115-room mansion, situated near a lake in the midst of a 3,500-acre (1,400 ha) estate. It is a three-storey, symmetrical red brick structure in the English Renaissance style. It may have been designed by 17th-century British architect Inigo Jones. .

For 250 years the Stanhopes served their country as soldiers and statesmen, and at Chevening as patrons of architecture and art. When, sadly, the line ran out, the 7th Earl’s munificent gift of Chevening to the nation ensured that the distinguished history of the family and the estate was preserved for future generations.   

The present Nominated Person is the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Under special arrangements with the Board of Trustees the house is also available to the Secretary of State for International Trade and the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

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